Sefer Hagadah shel Pesah [Hagadah for Passover]

Black and white rectangular map of the Holy Land

Abraham ben Jacob (engraver). Sefer Hagadah shel Pesah [Hagadah for Passover]. 1712. Samuel Proops, Amsterdam . BM675.P4 A56 1712; oversize.
Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica, Special & Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida.

A milestone in Hebrew printing, The Amsterdam Haggadah for Passover (originally published in 1695) influenced future editions. Its new iconographic style of illustration was created by Abraham Bar Yaakov, a convert to Judaism, who borrowed heavily from the artwork of well-known Swiss engraver, Mathaeus Merian. Yaakov also added his own unique touches such as the map of the Exodus route. He based it on Christian Van Adrichom’s map of the Holy Land. The map shows the locations of 41 encampments of the Israelites in the wilderness.

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