Sefer Akedat Yitshak [The Binding of Isaac]

Book displayed open against a black background. Pages are yellowed from age. Some lines are entirely crossed out with thick black lines.

Isaac Ben Moses Arama (Spanish, c. 1420-1494). Sefer Akedat Yitshak [The Binding of Isaac]. 1545. Cornelius Adelkind (Daniel Bomberg), Venice. BS1225 .A761 1545 Oversize.
Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica, Special & Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida.

The Spanish Inquisition issued lists of banned Hebrew texts in the 1500s. This Akedat Yitshak [The Binding of Isaac] was printed around that time. Rather than complete destruction, books with only minor amounts of objectionable content were redacted and returned to their owners with a certificate of censorship. This copy, in comparison to those held in other libraries, has only certain words and phrases struck through, suggesting that its redactor was familiar enough with the text to render a more careful and less damaging form of censorship. It was recently restored at the University of Florida in a period authentic binding.